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Top 10 Most Stylish Female Celebrities in Hollywood and Beyond

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
female celebrities, Beyonce, Lupita Nyong’o
female celebrities, Beyonce, Lupita Nyong’o



Female celebrities who exude style effortlessly catch our eye with breathtaking fashion selections. From traditional Hollywood red carpet ensembles to daring and distinctive attire worn for an evening out, the ladies mentioned here are undoubtedly unique fashion icons.


1. Cate Blanchett 

Cate Blanchett smiles, a hand on her face
Cate Blanchett



If you have watched the movie "Carol," you must have spent two hours in awe of Cate Blanchett's elegance. How does she manage to do it? Well, the first step is to own your style, whether performing on stage or just strolling down the street. 


Cate knows precisely who she is, especially when wearing her clothes and moving them on. As one of the most adored actresses of our time, Cate has mastered the art of modelling and manipulating every piece of clothing she puts on, allowing us to appreciate a woman who knows her body from top to bottom.


2. Kate Middleton 

Kate Middleton sits in front of Royal guards
Kate Middleton



Kate Middleton, the stunning brunette, applies her makeup and chooses affordable dresses. She opts for sensible heels and has a wardrobe that we all envy. Her fashion sense is impeccable and reigns supreme in the wedding gown department. 


With her family and in-laws, it's no surprise that she has access to the most exquisite clothing. Whether wearing a beautiful headpiece or a stunning dress, she always steals the show. Although she may only be a duchess, she's a princess in style.


3. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o in a white gown at the Black Panther movie premier
Lupita Nyong’o



This stunning celebrity profoundly understands the culture, and her incredible range of outfits will likely leave you speechless. You might even shed a tear, which is perfectly acceptable. 


Lupita exudes a "hairless and carefree" attitude, and her striking appearance calls for equally impressive attire. Though she can rock bohemian chic, her bold-hued dresses and cutting-edge fashion sense steal the show and leave you green with envy.


4. Diane Kruger 

Diane Kruger in a light blue gown, standing by a pool
Diane Kruger 



Over the years, Diane has undergone a significant style transformation since her debut as Helen in the 2004 film "Troy". While she is recognised for her elegant and timeless red carpet ensembles, her street style often features more daring and unconventional choices. 


Despite occasionally sporting mismatched accessories like belts, clutches, or necklaces, she manages to pull off these looks effortlessly. Her fashion sense constantly evolves as she fearlessly experiments with new trends. The only consistent aspect of her style is her impeccable execution.


5. Emma Watson 

Emma Watson in a grey dress with white and black stripes
Emma Watson



Emma Watson is now known as a sophisticated fashion icon who isn't afraid to take risks with her style. She has transitioned from her sweet role as Hermione to a confident sex symbol, with fashion being her primary focus. 


Emma exudes a sensual aura but carries herself with a grace many city socialites aspire to. She's on her way to becoming an iconic figure.


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6. Beyoncé 




The queen of hip-hop fashion has the freedom to choose whatever she desires, but her impeccable taste sets her apart. Beyonce can effortlessly switch between a cheerful, youthful look and a commanding, fierce appearance. 


Her outfits in the latter model are some of the most impressive. You'll recognise the vibe - it's the "don't mess with me" attitude, likely because she's wearing some of the most luxurious clothing.


7. Sienna Miller 

Sienna Miller rocks a leather bag with a cute white gown
Sienna Miller



Sienna Miller's fashion sense exudes boho chic with a distinctly British flair. Her style is far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Instead, she embodies the "New York City to London personal jet" vibe. 


While her fashion choices may seem attainable, an unattainable quality makes her style high-priced. With just a pair of jeans, Sienna can effortlessly find a top that will leave you envious and awe of her impeccable fashion sense.


8. Emma Stone 

Emma Stone rocks a lovely red jacket
Emma Stone



Emma Stone's elegant and age-appropriate style makes her even more charming. Whether she's sporting a beanie and shades on the street or dazzling on the red carpet, her fashion choices are always colorful and eye-catching. 


Some people describe her as having a "manic pixie dream girl" vibe, and her slender physique is a dream for both editorial and Hollywood stylists. It's safe to say that Emma looks good no matter what she's wearing, and she's well aware of it.


9. Blake Lively 

Blake Lively poses
Blake Lively



This TV actress knows how to highlight her figure by opting for darker tops while also incorporating pops of color for variety. Despite possessing a timeless Hollywood beauty, Blake Lively manages to infuse her look with modern touches that keep it exciting. 


Whether she's sporting sunglasses or the perfect accessory, any outfit becomes fashionable when worn by Lively.


10. Gwyneth Paltrow 

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow



Gwyneth Paltrow, an Academy Award-winning actress, has been effortlessly nailing her fashion game with her sophisticated style for years. Her innovative approach to combining the latest trends with timeless classics has always impressed us. The iconic blonde locks are integral to her look, and she often complements her shade with lighter hues. 


She exudes a radiant glow on the red carpet with her elegant gowns, natural makeup, and signature centre-part hairstyle. Her choice of clothing always flatters her body type, and she puts in the effort to maintain a healthy appearance. As the face of Estee Lauder and Coach, Gwyneth Paltrow consistently delivers in the style department.