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Top 5 New Year's Resolutions You've Already Broken

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By Funnyvot Auditorial - - 5 Mins Read

It’s been more than two weeks since New Year’s eve. By now, everyone has already started realizing that 2022 isn’t going to be any different than 2020 or 2021, which themselves were a haze. There’s no #NewYearNewMe happening in 2022.

But with the entire New Year New me, also comes this huge bag (mind you, it’s no Santa's bag of gifts) of resolutions. Every year, we take multiple New Year’s resolutions and even try to meet them, but we don’t make them.

In fact, there’s a great chance that each one of you has taken one of the below resolutions and has already broken them. That’s what this article is about. I thought, why not join the internet and take a sarcastic dig on these resolutions.

Disclaimer: If you’re a victim of broken New Year’s Resolutions, there’s always going to be another year (I mean I can only hope with everything going on), so you can take a redeem yourself then, or just start again once you’re done with this article itself.

So here are the top 10 New Year’s resolutions you’ve already broken in 2022:

1.  Lose Weight and Get Fit

Do not worry, I’m not going to fat shame in the name of humor, but it's funny how the only weight people lose through this resolution is the one they gained by binge eating during the festivities of the past season and nothing more.

After all, the getting fit resolution has an expiry date, and more often than not, it’s a week because after the pain of the first week begins the journey of procrastination.

So then you not only gain weight, but now you have to bear the weight of your guilt of not going to the gym as well.

But hey! It’s like that monkey from Bojack Horseman said that the hard part is to do it every day. But every day, it does get a little easier. So, start again, champ! You’re your opponent.

2.  Learn Something New

This one’s a tad bit ironic because while taking the resolution of learning something new, we’ve not learned the one lesson all these years and decades have been teaching us - “New Year’s resolutions are bound to get old and broken.”

I’m pretty sure that this “something new” would’ve been picking up a new hobby, learning a new instrument, or even learning a language. Did I just read your mind? Don’t worry, I’m no telepath, but these are some of the common resolutions that are broken.

But if yours is not one of them, then good going. On the other hand, if it is, well, you still have over 340 days to fulfill your resolution in time. Go for it.

3.  Travel to New Places

I know that whether this resolution is broken or not will be known only by the end of the year, not just about 3 weeks after the year has begun. But let me try and predict what could happen.

You vow to save up for your travel adventures. Still, in the era of Amazon, Instagram, Uber Eats, you’d probably be spending that same money on cheap thrills like your cravings for dessert or impulsive shopping on Amazon and Insta.

When you take care of your actual necessary expenses, you’ll realize you don’t have enough for travel. While I’m at it, let me also predict your next New Year’s resolution: “Save x amount of money every month.”

I hope I’m wrong about this prediction, though, because as Philip Knight in his book Show Dog said, the world’s a magnificent place just waiting to be explored. All you have to do, step outside the threshold of your home.

4.  Be More Eco-Friendly

If you’re one of those people who just read a few articles online about climate change during your free time this past holiday season, this could be your resolution.

But that’s already broken because of a few simple thoughts that wouldn’t have occurred to you while taking the resolution:

  • What is “more”? How do I measure more, and how will I know if I’ve been successful?
  • Everything I use right now - from my toothpaste to my gadgets is non-eco-friendly.
  • I can’t give up the toothpaste. The eco-friendly one tastes and smells terrible, and gadgets? My work, entertainment, and essentially my entire life depend on them. I can’t give that up.
  • Maybe let me start with something small like an eco-friendly bag. *Googles and looks at the price. Closes the tab immediately*

I know this has happened, but starting small is one thing you did get right. Multiple eco-friendly firms sell economical items, and who said you had to buy anything for being eco-friendly.

Maybe cut down on your plastic usage, and if that’s already cut down, well, buy lesser things and only the things you need. By not purchasing, you’re not contributing to the damage, and there’s less wastage too, so buy lesser than last year, and this resolution will be met.

5.  Learn More about Investments

This one’s mainly for people born after 1995 or the GenZ. Well, you’re thinking of investing early in life because that’s what all entrepreneurial gurus tell you, and that becomes your resolution.

But you’re either lazy to do the research or too intimidated with what you find in the study. Procrastination once again has its day(s), and there goes your resolution.

Again, I guess the hard part is starting. I did it when I looked at a Finllenial’s (Financial Millennial) content and started with something small. Maybe you could do that too.


Well, these are the top 5 New Year’s resolutions that you’ve already broken. But who said, if the resolution is broken, it can’t be started again. So remove the “New Year’s” that weighs behind resolutions, and you can just begin at any time on all this and more.