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Twitter Hotly Divided Over this Optical Illusion, What Do You See?

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
A puzzled-looking woman
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Several mind-blowing optical illusions have been flying online leaving the majority of internet users baffled as to how awesome the illusions are.  Some of these illusions appear to be moving but they aren't leaving the viewers with a puzzled look at the end of the view.


Talking about the puzzle, an optical illusion color of a black and grey spiral was posted on Twitter using a number sequence in the middle. The Twitter optical art posted by @benonwine pulled traffic on the app after it was posted by a user earlier in February.


The art succeeded in seducing the algorithm and pulled several responses and comments from users who were wowed and equally fascinated by the art.


The puzzle optical art raised a feeling of anxiety as several people claimed to have seen the word that insinuates death while some claimed that the optical art revealed the speculated numbers of parties that  Boris Jhonson the prime minister has hosted during the lockdown.



Amongst several viewers who commented on the art are Philippe Auclair, a French footballer,  author, and radio comedian Mitch Ben, and Sharron Davies a retired Olympic swimmer


Some people claimed that they saw the revealed number of 528 in the middle of the illusion spiral art while others claimed to have seen a longer number of 45283.



The puzzle pulls a confusing trick on the human eyes placing the numbers and swirls on nonrhyming levels and only humans with high contrast sensitivity can discover the whole seven digits in the spiral optical illusion 3452839.


Those who have less level of contrast sensitivity were able to see up to three or four digits while others might not see at all.


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Another Twitter Optical art that baffles the internet was a picture of  Joe Biden in his office where most people assumed that his suit which was hung on the chair was his legs. 


US President joe Biden
Joe Biden's X post got viewers puzzled about his position | POTUS/X


The then eighty-year-old president shared a picture on his Twitter page. He was leaning on an oval-shaped office chair where his dark suit jacket was hung giving the illusion that the jacket sleeves were his real legs. The caption on the post read:  "I'm ready to get more things done for America"


Users of Twitter assumed that the president had balanced his buttocks on the neck of his office chair to take the funny picture.


A user commented,  " I could have sworn at the very first sight that President Joe was sitting on the neck  of the chair with his legs hanging on it."


Another user commented; "HELP! I thought the suit was his leg" 


"I hope I'm not the only one who thought the suit was his legs for a few seconds, hilarious," another commentator wrote.