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Came Unexpected - Two Dinosaur-sized Alligators Sighted in Mississippi

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Focus on the eye of a large alligator
Large alligator | Shutterstock

In late August, two giant alligators were discovered in Mississippi. The alligators were as giant as a dinosaur, and everyone couldn't stop marveling at how awesome the giant alligator lizard was. It is the longest alligator that has ever been recorded in the state's history.


The crocodile-like reptile weighs over 800 pounds and has made the news with its impressive length of 14 feet and 3 inches, attracting wildlife enthusiasts worldwide.


The Mississippi Wildlife Department has announced that the longest alligator ever discovered in the state was recently found. To celebrate this record-breaking discovery, the department shared a Facebook post congratulating the hunters of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. The post also included a picture of the impressive alligator.


The hunters caught the gigantic male reptile on Saturday, 26th of August 2023, at the state's west central hunting zone just after the season for Mississippi alligator hunting was opened.


When the record-breaking alligator was measured, its length was up to 14 feet and 3 inches with a long tail of  46.5 inches, and its belly truth also measured up to 46.5 inches. The department confirmed that the alligator weighs a total of 802.5 lbs.


4 wildlife hunters pose for a photo while carrying a large alligator
The Hunters carrying the gigantic alligator | Wealth/Instagram


Excited followers flooded the comment section with several congratulatory messages wishing the hunting party a happy one on their record-breaking discovery.


One of the many excited viewers who couldn't hide his excitement wrote in the comment section, "Oh My God! What a giant monster! You grow them very big in Mississippi. Congratulations on your big discovery."


Another commenter wrote, "Wow! Now, that's a real dinosaur!!. It sure had to be an amazing time. Congratulations!"



The last time a hunter in Mississippi discovered a big-sized alligator was August 28, 2017. The size of the alligator was 2 feet shorter than the latest discovery and weighed 766.5 lbs. 


Mississippi's first alligator hunting sport happened in 2005. According to the program director, although the alligators avoid human-related activities, they sometimes cause unwanted conflicts with a human.


He explained that juvenile alligators often move to new territories in late spring and early summer, and they may end up in areas near human development, such as swimming pools or landscaped ponds.


The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks emphasized that it is dangerous and illegal for individuals to capture a kill an alligator without getting a permit license from the department.


Another Giant Alligator Discovered 


Earlier in September, news was spread that another giant alligator had been discovered in central Florida. It was captured by a guide and boat captain named Kevin Brotz.


As Ironic as it sounds, Brotz was not even working on the fateful day. When he spotted the alligator that exceeded everyone's expectations, he was out to have fun with two of his close friends, Carson and Darren. It weighs 920 pounds, 13 feet, 3 and a half inches long.