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Wearable technology will be the most popular fitness trend for 2022

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By Funnyvot Auditorial - - 5 Mins Read
A new quarter is just around the corner but it’s not too late to start your fitness journey this year. According to a study of 4,500 health and fitness professionals conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, wearable technology is the top fitness trend for 2022.   In a press release, ACSM former President Walter R. Thompson, who served as the survey's lead author, said, "Tech advances have made it easy for users to collect important health metrics and work with fitness professionals and health care providers to develop healthy lifestyles and increase quality of life." Wearable technology was the second most popular trend last year. Last year's top fitness trend, online training, has dropped to No. 9 on the list for 2022.  Home exercise gyms debuted at No. 2, while weight-loss exercise, which did not make last year's list, was ranked No. 5 this year. Outdoor exercise has risen from fourth to third place. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) fell from fifth to seventh place this year. The following are the top ten fitness trends for 2022:
  • Wearable technology - devices that count steps and track heart rate, calories, sitting and sleep time, blood pressure, and respiration rate, such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, and heart rate monitors.
Nearly 500 people in the United States who utilize medically prescribed wearable gadgets were polled by Software Advice. A whopping 86 percent of individuals surveyed thought that their devices enhanced their health and quality of life while also allowing their doctors to deliver better care. Commercial products, such as the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Oura Smart Ring, were shown to be easier to use by patients than medically recommended devices. Furthermore, 15% of surveyed patients indicated their gadgets allowed them to receive remote care, indicating a big potential market, particularly for rural patients. Wearable technology's widespread use and accessibility in the United States has opened the door for patients who may not have immediate access to healthcare services.
  • Home exercise gyms - For solitary or family activities, use minimum equipment or treadmills and bikes at home.
The pandemic has caused many people to reconsider going back to crowded gyms, underused memberships, and communal training equipment in favor of investing in personal fitness equipment that will help you achieve your fitness goals. The market is now offering various space-saving machines that look good in a living room or bedroom.
  • Outdoor activities - Small group walks, group rides, and planned hiking groups with participants meeting in a park or hiking area for short and daylong events are all possibilities. Cycling is recognized to be a terrific workout as well as a calming hobby when it comes to the physical aspect.
  • Strength training with free weights - Includes use of barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and/or medicine balls.
By forcing your muscles to operate against a weight or force, resistance exercise improves muscle strength. Free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, and your own body weight are all examples of resistance exercise. To get the most advantage, a beginner should train two or three times each week.
  • Exercise for weight loss. Using an exercise program in tandem with the daily routine of caloric restriction to lose weight.
Obesity can cause a variety of major health issues, including as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain types of cancer. Limiting the quantity of calories consumed through one's diet is one strategy that can aid weight loss. Exercise is another technique to burn additional calories. Using a combination of exercise and a nutritious diet to lose weight is more beneficial than relying alone on calorie restriction. Certain diseases can be prevented or even reversed with exercise.
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT). Involves short bursts of activity followed by a short period of rest or recovery in a 30-minute (or less) session.
While most people are aware that physical movement is beneficial, it is estimated that roughly 20% of individuals throughout the world do not get enough of it on a daily basis. A devoted workout plan is generally your best chance for getting active unless you have a physically demanding job. Many people, however, believe they do not have enough time to exercise. "High-intensity interval training" (HIIT) is a wide word for workouts that alternate brief bursts of intensive exercise with rest intervals.  One of the most significant advantages of HIIT is that you can achieve maximum health benefits in the shortest amount of time. "The pandemic's consequences are still being seen in the fitness industry,"  ACSM former President Walter R. Thompson added. "The increased use of immunizations, as well as our desire to return to a more normal lifestyle, are clearly reflected in the 2022 trends."