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What's Wrong With the Food Chain? See the Bizarre Video of a Deer Eating a Snake

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Deer caught on camera eating a snake
The deer didn't seem bothered as it chewed away on its reptile meal (Twitter) |

While it is true that deer are primarily herbivores, there have been instances where they have been observed consuming meat. These occurrences are relatively rare and usually happen when there is a lack of certain minerals in their diet, such as phosphorus, calcium, and salt.

During periods of scarcity, such as the winter season or when plant life is limited, deer may resort to eating meat to fulfill their nutritional needs.

It may come as a surprise to many, but there have been instances of deer eating meat, including snakes. This unusual behavior has gained attention through a viral video shared on Twitter.

The video, posted by an IFS officer known for sharing wildlife content, shows a deer standing by the roadside in a forest area, chewing on a snake.

Deers are generally considered herbivores with a staple diet of green plants. However, sometimes they resort to consuming meat, usually due to a lack of certain minerals like phosphorus, calcium, and salt in their bodies. This behavior is more commonly observed during the winter season or when plant availability is limited in their environment.

The video, along with its caption, emphasizes the role of cameras in helping us understand nature better. It highlights the fact that herbivorous animals do occasionally eat snakes.

The post quickly went viral on Twitter, accumulating a significant number of views, likes, and retweets, which continue to increase.

Social media users were astonished and disbelieving when they came across the video. Some expressed their shock, finding it difficult to believe that a herbivorous animal like a deer could exhibit such carnivorous behavior.

One Twitter user commented on the video, remarking on the strange sight it must have been to witness.

The video was further shared by another Twitter user who explained the deer's unusual behavior. This user highlighted that while deer are primarily herbivores, they have a rumen that aids in digesting tough plant matter.

However, if food is scarce or if they lack essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus, they may resort to consuming meat. The video serves as evidence of this unique dietary adaptation.

The viral video has generated millions of views and a multitude of comments, sparking discussions and debates among social media users. Many people find the concept of deer eating snakes fascinating and extraordinary, challenging their preconceived notions about the dietary habits of herbivorous animals.

While the now-viral video has shed light on the unexpected behavior of deer and how they can adapt their diet in certain circumstances, it also serves as a reminder that nature often presents us with surprising and extraordinary phenomena that continue to captivate and educate us.

It's important to note that these instances of deer consuming meat are exceptions rather than the norm. Their digestive systems are adapted for processing plant material, and their natural diet consists primarily of leaves, grass, twigs, and other vegetation. Meat consumption is not a regular part of their diet and is typically a result of specific circumstances or nutritional deficiencies.