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Woman Shares Horrible Consequence of Her Neck-Cracking Habit

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Woman cracks up her neck on a Tiktok video
Demonstrating her neck cracking habit (Tiktok) |

A TikTok creator  Lily Zacharias recently shared the scary story of how she mistakenly broke her neck by using it. She also posted a video warning others from doing the same.


She further explains how she once had a bad habit of cracking her knuckles all the time and would frequently do the same to her neck by putting her head to one side and using her hands to shift it until it cracked her neck on both sides. Her mom always hated it and warned her to stop.


“You’re going to break your neck!” Her mum often warns her about the effects of neck cracking a lot, but she never listens and keeps doing it until she gets in trouble one misty morning." She explains what happened on a fateful day.


“It was the first week of one my classes in my freshman year and I woke up about 8 am and I do my morning routine, which was to sit up in my bed, take my neck and then go pop, pop,” she says while showing the way she’d crack her neck.


The Tiktoker revealed how her habit didn't end well this time “I would take my head and go pop, pop, pop, and then swap the motion to the other side and do the same, but this time it snapped and went pop, pop."


She said she was in pain, “like big-time pain,” and was too scared even to call her mum because she didn't want her to say, “I told you so.” She couldn't avoid her mom for so long as she couldn’t move and her head was stuck to one side, she therefore had no choice but to place the call.


“I finally call her in  a frenzy, and she tried to call the dorm to get someone to help me, but they wouldn’t talk to her because of some privacy laws between students and parents or something, but finally the resident assistant came into my room and goes, ‘Do you have a problem?’.”


“Like, no, I’m just sitting here with my neck at 90 degrees for the fun of it,” Zacharias answers hilariously.


One of the followers commented, asking why she didn’t just call for an ambulance immediately, “Girl why did you not call 911 immediately? You BROKE your NECKKKKK!”


After getting to the hospital, it turns out that she had suffered what’s known as a compression fracture of her top two vertebrae, and she had strained and sprained “every ligament all up in there.”


Watch the video here

@lilyzacharias Replying to @Juliette Johnson how i became the girl your chiropractor warned you about #brokenneck #neckinjury #neckcrack #crackingbones #chiropractic #chiropractortiktok #collegestories ♬ original sound - ✨ Lily Zacharias


Side Effects Of Cracking The Neck 


According to health specialists, the action of cracking your neck releases gas or fluid from the joints surrounding the neck. The cracking makes you feel better temporarily but it doesn’t alleviate the underlying problem.


Constantly cracking your neck builds up pressure in the joints, and this causes the ligament surrounding it to stretch and become unstable, causing the cartilage in your vertebrae to wear down. This can cause serious fractures like osteoarthritis, which is irreversible and painful. 


Luckily for Zacharias, her type of fracture can be treated; she only had to wear a brace for six to eight weeks until the bone healed. More complex or extensive fractures might need surgery and might also take two to three months in a rigid cast.