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Woman's Funny Way of Pronouncing Broccoli Sparks Tiktok into Hilarious Debate

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Tiktoker Katelynn Young holding up a brocoli
Katelynn Young on Tiktok | katelynn.youngg/Tiktok/Adobe

A female TikTok user has caused a hilarious jaw-dropper on the Internet with her weird pronunciation of broccoli - as seen in a recent TikTok video uploaded on her page.


The young mother, known as Katelyn, had taken to her TikTok account to rant about the condition of the produce she ordered from an online store, complaining about the size and price of the broccoli. 


In the video, she showed her followers the broccoli she ordered from the online store and asked those who work at online supermarkets how their farm produce was packed for delivery.


She asked: "I have just a question, like, are you not allowed to give us good produce when we order online? I ordered some broccoli today but I see that you pay per head and not per kilo. "


She was surprised and unsatisfied with how her product was packed and expressed her dissatisfaction, but her accent made the whole rant seem like a light matter, and her followers were rather amazed by her pronunciation.


She pronounced the vegetable as “Broccoli --eye” instead of Broccoli.


One user commented: “Can't take you seriously when you pronounce Broccoli that way, adding some laughing emoji to the comment”.


Katelyn's pronunciation led to debates on TikTok as other users of the app sided with her, saying that her pronunciation is just fine while others argued differently.


She continued: "Usually, I get a bigger head of broccoli when I buy it myself and charge per kilo. I'm just so curious to know if you intentionally pick produce like this for online shoppers and it's not very good."


Her followers had a good laugh, and one person asked if she was deliberately pronouncing the word Broccoli-eye like that as a joke, but Katelyn confirmed that she was speaking normally.


The video went viral, with several tiktokers obsessing about her uncommon pronunciation.


Another follower questioned under the comment: "Brocco what???...... What just happened here?"

@katelynn.youngg I have to know! Please if you work at coles or woolworths let me know 😂 #coles #woolworths #produce #onlinegroceries #colesemployee @Woolworths_au @Coles Aus ♬ original sound - Kate Young | Mum + Lifestyle

“I Don't Know How Else To Say It” - Katelyn Admits.

Replying to the comments on her post, Katelyn swore that she did not know how else to say the word as she has always pronounced it that way ever since.


"I don't know if it is a common thing, but I don't know another way to say this, and why has no one ever corrected me about this before?" she said.

Some TikTok trends right now have been about Katelyn's pronunciation as other TikTokers are trying to argue about the correct way to pronounce the word, however, Katelyn never knew her innocent pronunciation could lead to a new tik tok trend.