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Georgian Man Has Largest Toothpaste Collection, Complete With All the Flavors

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
A dentist showing off packets of exotic toothpastes
Val Kolpakov showing off his exotic toothpaste collection | GWR/YT

A dentist in Georgia, Val Kolpakov, has recently been awarded the Ultimate Genius World Record for his impressive collection of toothpaste.


Over the course of a few years, he began his journey of collecting various types of toothpaste to expand his knowledge of the dental industry and the available products on the market. His dedication has earned him the recognition he deserves.


Val Kolpakov the dentist, has amassed thousands of toothpaste collections from around the world, earning him global recognition as the individual with the largest toothpaste collection. Although he started collecting toothpaste as a hobby, and just like so many people with an interest in unusual activities, Val soon realized that he enjoyed it immensely.


According to him, " I began the toothpaste hunting earlier in 2001 because I wanted to have more knowledge about all the toothpaste that is made available to consumers in the market. I soon found it as an interesting hobby, and I started hunting for old toothpaste and tubes."


This paste-loving dentist has gathered a total of two thousand thirty-nine (2,037) toothpaste tubes over the years from different countries such as Russia, Japan, China, India, and Korea, and the collection cost up to 30 dollars which is over €24,500.


Some of the toothpaste tubes are being displayed and shown off at Kolpakov Dentist company Alpharetta in Georgia, making his dentist's office look like a museum with all the shelves and walls skillfully decorated with the toothpaste tubes.


There are various unique toothpaste flavors he has acquired, such as Chocolate, Rose, Whisky, Bamboo, Bacon, and many others. These flavors differ from the regular ones and are being tested by those who enjoy trying new things. Val mentioned that his preferred toothpaste flavor is Whisky, which comes in three types: Bourbon, Scotch, and Rye.


Val has produced several dental products, such as the Orbit dental cream. He also has a German toothpaste from the old trenches of the Second World War, the toothpaste is called Doramad, and it's radioactive. He considered it one of the best and unusual ones.


Watch Val Kolpakov showcase his priceless toothpaste collection



His acquired tubes are mostly from industries you never thought of in the production of toothpaste. He shared his experience with a toothpaste he wished he had bought.


"The toothpaste had been in space, but I don't know of any astronaut who had it. It was made in a way that would allow you to squeeze it in space," Val said.


A wide variety of powder tooth cleaners can also be found in Vals collection aside from the toothpaste cubes. Tooth powders have been in existence before the invention of toothpaste. Val disclosed that he has almost 400 collections of these tooth powders.


Val may have cut down on his toothpaste spending but still takes pleasure in collecting new ones. He has mentioned that he finds it exciting to see the latest toothpaste innovations.