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Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez Shock Split: Sources Reveal Reason

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
Ariana Grade and Dalton Gomez
Ariana Grade and Dalton Gomez |

Just like magic, Ariana Grande and her husband Dalton Gomez's marriage has hit the rocks after just two years of the union. The popular singer, who is 30 years old, has married her now former husband, Dalton Gomez, who is 3 years younger than her.


It's interesting that fans are only now realizing that the couple has split up, even though it happened many months ago. According to The People, Grande and her partner called off their wedding early in January. It wasn't until Grande was spotted at Wimbledon without her wedding rings that fans noticed the change over six months later.


Ariana Grande has a massive following on Instagram, with over 377 million followers who keep a close eye on her every move. Recently, Grande took a break from filming the screen version of Wicked in London and headed to Wimbledon, where she appeared to have a blast.


A photo of her at the event went viral, and fans quickly noticed she wasn't wearing her wedding ring. If you're curious about how Grande and her partner tied the knot, you might want to read up on their wedding.

Ariana Grande's Marriage with Dalton Gomez

Like their divorce, Ariana's relationship with Dalton Gomez and their wedding was very low-key. Few people attended the wedding; insiders said less than 20 people were there. Only the family and a few friends were invited to the wedding. It was a romantic wedding, of course, according to confirmations from insiders.


"The room was so happy and full of love. The couple and both families couldn't be happier," one of Ariana Grande's representatives has confirmed to The People. 


But there were questions about Dalton Gomez's age. He was 3 years younger than Grande. But sources quickly confirmed that Gomez was far more mature for his age.


"Dalton's entirely unfazed by the scope of her celebrity and is very grounding for her. He's young but mature and knows what he wants out of life," the source said. 


The couple could care less, as the two got focused on enjoying their married life. Like Ariana's relationships, the one with Gomez was kept off the media as much as possible. They only posted each other on special occasions like their wedding anniversary and couple holidays. Besides that, there were no interviews on podcasts, as we have come to know of many celebrity marriages.

Ariana Grande posing for a photograph
Ariana Grande


Nevertheless, something odd happened. Arianna Grande stopped wearing her wedding ring. What could have gone wrong? 

What Went Wrong with Ariana Grande's Marriage? 

This is not the first time Grande was spotted without her wedding ring. She was spotted without her wedding ring sometime last year, but she immediately shut down rumors. Her reason? She said the wedding ring was getting cleaned. 


But it became more obvious after the Wimbledon pic showed her without the ring. Well, nothing can be exactly pinned on why the lovebirds broke up. Some reports say the pair's relationship grew cold after Ariana Grande started filming Wicked. Others say their marriage hit the rocks even before the Wicked filming. 


Whichever the case, insiders say they aren't exactly cats and dogs. They still talk to each other regularly, but the topic of marriage is currently dead.