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Cardi B: How Wealthy is the Pop Star?

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Cardi B at the WEHO Pride Parade in West Hollywood on Sunday June 5, 2022
Cardi B | Ringo Chiu / Shutterstock

Cardi B, also known as Belcalis Marlenis Cephus, has solidified her status as one of her generation's most successful female rappers.

Since 2017, she has maintained her position as one of the top female rappers globally, a remarkable achievement.

Her breakthrough came with the instant classic "Bodak Yellow," which propelled her to the top of the charts and significantly boosted her net worth.

Cardi B's journey to a financial breakthrough has been an intriguing and captivating one.

She began with a rise to stardom on the wings of social media and pressed on to become the all-time queen of rap, with her music topping the charts. 

The mother of five, who is also a glorious fashion icon, was propelled by her intelligence, skills, and determination.

Her tireless efforts have illuminated her path to success, as she has become a self-made millionaire by staying true to herself and giving her best in every situation.


Offset and Cardi B share a kiss during a photo shoot
Offset and Cardi B | Shutterstock


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cardi B's net worth is up to $80 million, all of which was made by her alone; this includes a $50 million estimated valuation from her music catalogue, which tends to increase over the span.

Cardi B rose to fame as a prominent figure on Instagram in 2015. However, her career reached new heights in 2017 following the success of her single "Bodak Yellow," during which time she was a regular member of the "Love & Hip: New York" reality show.

Cardi B holds the distinction of being the first and only female rapper to have multiple songs certified as Diamonds by the RIAA.

Cardi B's highest-selling album, "Invasion of Privacy," released in 2018, won the Grammy Award for Best Rap after it broke the highest number of streaming.

The Grammy-award-winning singer isn't just rich; she also owns several heavyweight assets, including real estate and supercars.

In November 2021, the singer acquired a high-class nine-bedroom mansion in New York for $5.85 million. That's not all, Cardi also spent an additional $1m to furnish the place to her taste.



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Not long after, the singer splashed another $5.79 million to secure another property in Atalanta.

Cardi B also owns estates in several other locations. In 2018, the singer acquired a home for her mom in New Jersey for a whopping $1 million.

Her husband, Offset, also bought her a vacation villa in the Las Terrenas area of the Dominican Republic for over $1.4 million.

The pop star joyfully announced her 29th birthday gift on Instagram, praising her rapper husband.

"For a hot minute now I've been telling Set that I really want to invest in short term home rental properties in the DR and other Caribbean countries," she said.

According to reports, most of Cardi B's real estate properties are used as short-term rentals, and the rapper is focused on diversifying her income.

In a recent interview with Iconic Hip-Hop Culture, Cardi B revealed that she makes a lot of money from her music career.

When asked if her net worth of $80 million was accurate as it was displayed on Google, she said, " I do make a lot of money."

"I do feel like I've passed the $80 million, I make a whole lot of money, I've made a lot, a lot, a lot of money.

She further explained that part of her money is spent on helping people.

"I make a lot of money but I take care of bills, I take care of families, I help a lot, I won't say I take care, I help a whole lot, I help some friends, family and all."

Being a generous celebrity, Cardi B has spent a lot helping people, it can be put that Cardi B believes that her Net Worth would have been over $80 million if she were to calculate how much she has spent helping people. It costs a lot of money to be a wealthy celebrity.