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Another Google Maps Mishap Gets German Tourists Lost in Wilderness

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
Photo mix of the German tourists and a car stuck in the mud
The German tourists and their car stuck in the mud | 9News/VotMedia

Two German tourists were travelling from Cairns to Bagaman when they encountered a common mishap for many Google Maps users.

After arriving at Ceon, they relied on Google Maps for directions, which led them astray, and they ended up lost in the forest.

The two men, identified as Marcel Schoene and Philip Maier, were lost in the wilderness for days as they endured the storm and searched for help.

According to them, They set out for the journey and left Cairns on the 4th of February through the Cape York route, but Google Maps instructed them to turn right into the National Park at Oyala Thumotang, which they did.

Although the road was dirt-filled, they trusted Google Maps' direction, believing the main road was closed due to the river.

Maier told 9News, "We weren't so sure about the way to go, so we decided to ask Google Maps for directions think maybe Google knows more than we do."

Worse still, their four-wheel drive vehicle got trapped on the 6th of February, so Marcel and Philip had no choice but to walk the remaining journey.

"The car got trapped in a hole and it seems impossible to get out of it," Maier said.


A car stuck in the ground
The car got stuck in the mud | 9News


The men explained that they tried to walk to Archer River since it was closer, but the river was too high, so they crossed the river using a falling tree.

"We went over the falling tree to arrive at the other side of the river, where we also slept at night because it started raining and we couldn't go any further," said one of them.

When they started walking, they realized they were in serious trouble.

Maier, who seemed outspoken, said, "It felt like a bad movie, but thankfully it had a happy ending. We tried to build a shelter out of wood, but it didn't turn out well."

Mr Maier and his friend Marcel talked about how they encountered wildlife animals - crocodiles, giant snakes, and spiders on the way and overcame them.

They walked for 22 hours every day, sleeping on the road while using drones to search for the nearest roads.

After walking for days, they finally arrived at Queensland Parks where they met wildlife rangers.

Roger James, who was one of the Rangers said, "We have no idea this was happening", these men were lucky to have food and coverings, and so lucky to be alive, it could have been worse."

Google Maps Losing Location 

It's not strange to hear of Google Maps misleading unsuspecting users to weird locations.

In late November 2023, a group of friends using Google Maps ended up lost in the Nevada desert and were stranded for some time.

Last December, a frustrated council warned drivers not to depend on Google Maps after repeatedly sending travelers down dangerous roads.

A spokesman from Google said they're glad the travellers are safe, but they are looking into the matter to make the necessary corrections.