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Influencer Reveals Real Reason Why Celebrities Fake Coachella Attendance

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Loren Gray selfie in a car
Loren Gray (Instagram) |
Loren Gray selfie in a car
Loren Gray (Instagram)

Popular Tiktok influencer Loren Gray has revealed a very shocking but hilarious secret of many influencers' fake attendance at the Coachella music festival. Some celebrities would go to the desert to take fake pictures and post them on their social media platforms to deceive fans that they also attend the Coachella festival.

She said In her 49-second Tiktok video clip, "Okay, I haven't personally seen anyone talk about this but I think it's hilarious and have to share" She spoke that the celebrities would dress up, get their makeup done, and merely pose for photos without really going into the festival. 

The majority of the people who often attend the Coachella Festival attend the celebration with the hope to meet their favorite influencers or Celebrities but it turns out that these personalities are not in the festival either. All they do is take pictures or videos of themselves going to the party and then post them on social media platforms and go back to their homes.

The singer who sang "Piece of Work" went on, claiming that some of these influencers will go out to California, Indio, or the area where the music festival is held, and stay in an Airbnb.

Gray said: These personalities simply drive their little butts out to the desert to take Instagram photos, make TikTok videos, and get ready with me, whatever,” she asserted. They don't even have a wristband. Some even claimed that the video made them feel better about not being able to attend the festival.

According to MTV, Loren Gray first rose to fame through the social media app Musically at 13, which had since merged with TikTok. Gray moved out to Los Angeles a few years later and started a singing and influencing career on YouTube and eventually TikTok.

A remark on Gray Tiktok's video writes: Unless they post stories standing within the crowds listening to musicians I assume they faked it because I remember an influencer going as far as.

Another commenter writes: I was just wondering how they all get ready by like noon and still be “late” and catch the set at midnight.

No doubt, a lot of fans have been deceived by the fake act of these influencers.

Loren Gray poses for a picture wearing a black and white gown
Loren Gray (Instagram)

The Real Attendants

According to the Independent.co Coachella is like the Star-studded influencing Olympic Music Festival and on the first weekend of its 2023 event, Coachella attracted a bunch of celebrities and faces such as Bebe Rexha, Justin, Hailey Bieber, Saweetie, Don Toliver, Benny Blanco, Simi Khadra and Lewis Hamilton. Surprising, however, the acclaimed "Queen of Coachella" Vanessa Hudgens failed to attend this year's edition.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were also seen exciting the fans as they were seen hugging the fam on Friday, April 14. The singers were known to be in a relationship from 2019 to 2021 and collaborated on the song titled"Senorita" in 219.

The Fear of Missing Out (Fomo)

At the end of the brief video clip, Gray refreshes people's memory that they should not feel “sad” or have a fear of missing out as many of the social media personalities they follow aren’t really at the festival.