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10 Incredibly Awesome Movies to Watch on New Year's Day

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
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10 Amazing Movies To Add To Your Watchlist for the New Year’s Celebration

As we enjoy the fresh new moments of 2024, what better way to spend the New Year than with your loved ones, indulging in a long day of binge-watching movies together?


This is the perfect opportunity to bond over some great movies of different genres, share laughs, argue and analyze the movie characters with those who are close to your heart.


 It’s an amazing experience we think everyone should look forward to and here’s why we compiled a vintage list of New Year-themed movies to see this Monday.


If you are a 90s kid especially, chances are you already watched some of this pick and would have a field day reminiscing on the memories with friends and family. Enjoy the holidays! 


a#10 - When Harry Met Sally (RomCom)


The perfect rom-com movie for every romance lover! ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is a 1989 movie that intrigued viewers and redefined romance for the next generation. Two people (Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal) find love in the most hilarious way possible and the magic moment finally happens towards the end at a party on New Year’s Eve. 


#9 - The Godfather II (Crime, Underworld & Godfatherism)



If you read the masterpiece novel, The Godfather, chances are you would enjoy seeing your favorite characters play out their roles in a movie. And even if you have yet to catch up on the crime world of Don Corleone, you will enjoy watching the 1974 movie. Viewers are promised lots of suspense, especially when Micheal Corleone revenges Fredo at a party on New Year’s Eve! 


#8 - SnowPiercer (Thriller)



A thriller and New Year-themed movie we think you would absolutely enjoy watching on New Year. In this 2013 movie, a train circles the world unendingly and the characters are forced to live on the train for as long as it continues. A group of people decide to put an end to the misery by standing up to the tyrant leadership and upper-class system run by Chris Evans that neglects the rest. 


#7 - About Time (Time Travel With A Mix Of Romance) 



A 21-year-old man realizes he has inherited a rare gift; an ability to time travel for as long as he wants provided he doesn’t break the one rule of time travel - ‘Never Alter History’! Now that he knows, the character Tim Lake played by Domhnall Gleeson has one goal - to win the girl his heart beats for. Will Tim achieve the romance mission he sets out for or will history jinx it for him as always?


#6 - The Poseidon Adventure (Adventure & Suspense )


This thrilling adventure movie set in the 1970s will keep you on the edge of your seat with heightened emotions and anxious eyes. Starring Gene Hackman as the lead character, the drama unfolds when a cruise liner capsizes on New Year's Eve, leaving everyone in suspense. The scenes are packed with adrenaline and will surely pump you up as you countdown to the new year.


#5 - Sleepless In Seattle (Grief, Romance, Comedy)


This intriguing movie will renew hope and dare you to try again despite the setback from the previous year. The rom-com tells the beautiful story of  Sam Baldwin moving from mourning his deceased wife and nursing a heartbreak on New Year’s Eve to finding love again on Valentine’s Day. Sleepless In Seattle is the perfect watchlist addition to help you start the year with revived hope.


#4 - 2000 Cigarettes (Comedy) 


2000 Cigarettes is the perfect movie to set the pace for your movie day and lighten the mood for everyone. The hilarious 1999 movie narrates the story of a group of people who arrive at a New Year’s Eve party in New York. The drama, tension and everything that happens just before the New Year will have you rolling on your seats in no time! 


#3 - Phantom Thread (Fashion)


A London dressmaker is determined to make the perfect fit so he decides not only to tailor the best outfits, his lifestyle changes to fit into his perfect find - his muse. Daniel Day-Lewis gives a stellar performance in this movie that not only begins on New Year’s Eve but continues into the new year. Will the dressmaker achieve his perfect fit on a perfect muse? Enjoy the New Year-themed drama that is certain to entertain you till the end.


#2 - Trading Places (Comedy) 


The 1983 movie starring Eddie Murphy combines the witty tale of trading and “trading places”.  Two siblings who own a commodity brokerage decide to switch the identities of their employees ‘just for the fun’. It soon turns into a disaster as the seemingly reserved employee, Dan Aykroyd, had to switch roles with the hustler Eddie Murphy. Jamie Lee Curtis decides to help ‘sort it out’ and that may just mean more wreckage to the duo. Find out what happens in this classic comedy.


#1 - New Year’s Eve


What better way to begin the New Year than watching New Year’s Eve on New Year? Perfect, yeah?

Well, all wasn't perfect at first for these New Yorkers to intertwine over coincidental twists of fate and burning issues on New Year's Eve. Directed by Gary Marshall, this New Year-themed movie would bring you into the beauty of love, forgiveness, and truth as a new year begins.


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What's more?


With these awesome movies on your watchlist, your ideal New Year is just about to have the perfect start.


Grab a bowl of popcorn and create the best memories with family and friends over a vintage watchlist. Happy New Year!