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Record Breaking! Princess Diana's Starry Outfit Sells for Breathtaking Sum

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Diana, Princess of Wales leaves the Brazilian Ambassador
Diana, Princess of Wales | Mark Reinstein/Shutterstock

Donning a dress worn by the late Princess Diana. It's breathtaking, yeah? Most people would pay an arm and a leg to own an exquisite piece like that, so it’s no wonder that the starry black and blue Jacques Azagury gown worn by one of the most revered royalty would sell for a whopping $1,148,080 (£904,262).


The ballerina-style skirt worn by the late princess during Prince Charles's (now King Charles) royal tour and a Vancouver Symphony Orchestra concert in 1985 and 1986, was recently auctioned for sale.


Initially, it was estimated that the outfit would only sell for a maximum of $100,000. However, the auction took a surprising turn when the dress sold for over $1 million at Julien's Auctions. The blouse she wore in her official engagement photo also sold for $300,000.


The famous David and Elizabeth Emanuel designed the blouse that made her iconic wedding dress, which was also estimated to sell for around $80,000 -$100,000.


Princess Dianas blue skirt and dress placed for an auction among other outfits
Diana's blue cocktail dress, amongst other dresses placed for auction | ITN


Another notable piece Princess Diana owns is her famous ‘black sheep jumper,’ which was recently auctioned at Sotheby’s Fashion Icons for £885,000.


Although the sweater was made with quality wool from a white sheep and another one, one wouldn’t expect that it would sell at over 10 times its estimated cost of £40,227 to £64,363, the highest amount ever paid for a sweater in the world.


Why Late Princess Diana’s Sweater Is The Most Expensive Jumper Ever Sold 

The iconic black sheep jumper is one of the exquisite pieces designed by Warm and Wonderful, and the late princess was one of the first people to own a piece at that time.


She had worn it to a polo match in 1981 during her engagement to King Charles before it finally went missing and was found lying in dust in an attic several years later.


The company recorded an overwhelming demand for the sweater after she was first seen in the design.


Due to her fashion influence, many people started making demands for the label to make more pieces to be sold, and the label admitted they would always value Princess Diana’s impact as it was a redefining moment for their brand. 

“Much to our amazement, the first we knew of Lady Diana Spencer wearing the sweater was when we saw her on the front page of one of the Sunday newspapers.

Her influence was impactful almost immediately thereafter, leading to a surge in sales and public awareness of our small label, for which we will be forever grateful,” they explained.

Although the Palace requested a repair to be made by the label, a new one was sent, and more designs were made until 1994 when they ceased production for the famous ‘black wool jumper’.


An improved version was released years later in 2020 after the label’s collaboration with Rowing Blazer. The design remains an exquisite piece longed for in the fashion world, all thanks to Princess Diana’s iconic taste.

 “This exceptional garment, meticulously preserved, carries the whispers of Princess Diana’s grace, charm, and her keen eye for fashion,” Cynthia Houltson - Sotheby’s global head of fashion gushed about the design.