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Hilarious: Why Tom Holland Never Paid Water Bills for 5 Years!

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Tom Holland poses for a photo
Tom Holland | DFree/Shutterstock

Water bills might sound basic, but Tom Holland has no clue!

The rich and famous certainly live a world of their own, but you probably wouldn’t expect to find a celebrity who doesn’t know water bills exist!


Hollywood star Tom Holland, famous for his ‘Spider Man - Homecoming’ character, admitted he has never had to pay water bills for his home in a recent interview, and fans have found it amusing and weird.


In Tom’s defense, he genuinely thought it was “free,” and rightly so since he spent most of his childhood as a working actor and never had to bother about navigating such bills as an adult.


The 27-year-old made the shocking discovery during his recent one-year break from the Hollywood scenes he took to “organise” his life. He soon realized that the new home wouldn’t run for ‘free’ and water bills would need to be paid.


When asked by the Hollywood Reporter about his one-year break and if it were about another upcoming project, Tom explained it was a well-deserved break since he has never had the luxury of one all through his career as an actor.


"My year off had nothing to do with [work], it had everything to do with my age and growing up. I’ve been doing this since I was 11 on stage in London and haven’t had a break since.


"I’ve been flat out and also really lucky. I don’t take that for granted. I wanted to spend some time in one place, be with my family and friends and organise my life. I found out that I wasn’t paying my water bill for five years, but only because I didn’t know you had to do that. I just thought that water was free in England," he said.


Life as a celebrity can be daunting with the challenge of being misunderstood or judged wrongly by people who barely know you. 


While Tom might have never paid a water bill in five years, he has also never had a personal break in his entire career. 


See what Hollywood actor Tom Holland is up to when he is not paying water bills

Tom Holland plays ‘Danny Sullivan,’ a character arrested after being involved in a 1979 New York City shooting in his latest project, “The Crowded Room.”


The show, owned by Apple TV, premiered on June 9th. Despite his other commitments, Tom had to manage the new filming schedule. The show has reportedly gained 13 times more audience demand than the average US show. It tells the story of a man diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder.


He explained to the Hollywood Reporter that the schedules were beginning to overwhelm him, and he was thankful his negotiations with Apple to go on a 1-week break at a point were well received. 


"I said to Apple that it would be beneficial to me and beneficial to the show if you could find a way to give me a week off to reset. They obliged and were kind about it. They never once made me feel uncomfortable that I was letting the show down. They knew that my intentions were good. I wasn’t trying to just nick a holiday, " he recounted.