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5 Must-See Viral Videos That Rocked 2023

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
King Charles III coronation
King Charles III coronation | YT

Throughout the always-changing and advancing world of the digital space, this year, 2023, stands This year has been wild, crazy and full of surprises!


There have been countless viral moments that have taken the internet by storm. From capturing unseen moments to flying a spy balloon, this year has already topped it all.


We've rounded up the top five most iconic and viral videos that have managed to grace the face of the internet.


1. "The plane ordeal": Seeing the unseen



Topping the list is the case on a Florida-bound plane to Texas. A woman suddenly burst out screaming on a plane for reasons that would soon be known as you read on.


Many people shared this video, some due to annoyance while others were just plainly amused by her actions. The footage spread so widely across various platforms like TikTok and Twitter, showing how the woman's behavior had delayed the plane much to the annoyance of her fellow occupant.


The incident unfolds as the woman, who seemed scared and ready to let her voice be heard, is seen walking down the aisle and making a series of statements that are not entirely understandable, "You can say whatever you want," she exclaims.


"I'm telling you I'm getting the fuck off, and there's a reason why I'm getting the fuck off, and everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it. I don't give two fucks. But I am telling you right now, that motherfucker back there is not real. And you can sit on this plane and die with them or not. I'm not going to."


Although a popular comedian aboard the plane gave his own testament to the scene, saying that she was a "fucking lunatic lady" who happened to lose her earbud. His own take on the situation makes it even more confusing for those who want the full gist.


However, people who watched from the comfort of their own claimed that she must have been drunk because that could have been the only definition. Hilarious right? What would you do if you were on that plane?

 2. "Skibidi Toilet": A Surreal Symphony of Singing Thrones



The next on our list takes  us from Texas all the way into the impulsive world of Generation Alpha's cultural hit, "Skibidi Toilet."


Created by animator Alexey Gerasimov, this fantastic web series introduces us to singing toilets adorned with human heads locked in a really weird war against humans with electronic heads.


Debuting on YouTube in February, the series rapidly captured viewers' imagination, accumulating a staggering 30 million subscribers and 12 billion views within just eight months.


What makes "Skibidi Toilet" genuinely remarkable is its medium of creation – Valve's Source Filmmaker. Experts have asked how Gen Z  made a series using a video game engine to craft a viral phenomenon.


Gerasimov's creation not only entertains but also symbolizes the evolving nature of content production, heralding a future where unconventional mediums redefine our understanding of internet-based art.


The series caught the attention of both games, art and fanfiction lovers as it is said to be it has been said to be funny unpredictable, but also unsettling sometimes. This choice to start such a series is indeed out of this world and highly creative, or could it have really been such from out of this world?  


 3. "The Chinese Spy Balloon": A Bizarre Political Ballet in the Sky



Coming in third place will be the viral video that commenced the year. The year started with a literal bang as a Chinese spy balloon flew across Canada and the United States, sparking a week of serious political discourse and lighthearted internet banter.


The climax came when an F-22 Raptor, assigned the unusual task, successfully shot down the balloon off the coast of North Carolina. Upon analysis by the FBI, the wreckage revealed spying equipment, turning the incident into a curious mix of political tension and online amusement.


Although the US president said there was no significant damage, it seems as though the Chinese government wasn't aware of the said balloon.


Could it be young folks playing around that managed to catch the attention of the US or, perhaps as it was later stated, a lost civilian balloon? 


As the situation began to go viral on social media platforms, it slowly transformed from a geopolitical event to an online conversation where ordinary people could all have their own say on the situation. Some people might have assumed this could have started a war, but it didn't. What was your own take on the situation?


4. "The Grimace Shake Trend": McDonald’s Meme Magic Unleashed



In June 2023, McDonald's unleashed a limited-time, berry-flavoured milkshake to celebrate the 52nd birthday of the iconic purple monster, Grimace.


Little did the fast-food giant anticipate the wave of creativity and dark humor that would ensue on TikTok. People crafted memes depicting themselves drinking the Grimace Shake, only to meet a sad fate, which initially scared unsuspecting users who just wanted to watch a skit or two.


The power of social media was once again seen as this trend showcased the internet's ability to turn a simple promotional item into a viral sensation and boosted McDonald's sales by over 10%. What might have started as a small meme ended as something huge on the internet? One should never doubt themselves because, like Frazier, who started this trend, it could become a sensation.


The Grimace Shake trend shows that aside from a company's promotional video, it takes just one individual to start a trend as everyone else will follow suit. 


5. "King Charles’ Coronation": A Royal Transition Memed Worldwide



And finally, the last video to make it to our top 5 is King Charles's coronation. In the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's passing in September 2022, May 6, 2023, marked a historic moment as her son, King Charles III, was crowned at Westminster Abbey.


This event, the first British monarch coronation of the 21st century, triggered a social media storm with discussions ranging from regal attire critiques to the somewhat hostile reception within Britain.


Memes featuring Queen Camilla take on the coronation spread far and wide, turning a momentous historical occasion into a meme-worthy spectacle.


Although the day was happy, about 64 people were arrested for protesting in some places where the events were planned. Over 3000 parties were planned to celebrate the day. This day was definitely a huge one as it is the first that has occurred in the 21st century.


The coronation became a prime example of how the internet navigates significant events, blending respect with irreverence and shaping global conversations through a lens of humor and satire.


These five viral videos prove how crazy the internet can get in 2023. From talking toilets to crazy balloon stunts, hilarious fast-food memes, royal ceremonies, and unexpected surprises, these moments show how the internet continued to shape our shared experiences.


As we wait for the next big thing, one thing remains certain: the internet will always surprise us and shake things up.