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Weirdly Shocking: See World's Only Spotless Giraffe Ever Found

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Spotless baby giraffe and a bigger spotted giraffe pictured in a zoo
The spotless and cute baby giraffe pictured with its mother | Brights Zoo/Facebook

On July 31st, a unique and rare Giraffe was born at a zoo in Limestone, Tennessee. This baby Giraffe was born without any spots, which is unusual for the species that typically have brown and orange prints. Instead, she has a solid brown color that glows brilliantly like a diamond in the sunlight.


Giraffe experts in the zoo believe that the newborn giraffe is the only one without the customary brown and orange spot with unusually solid colored skin all over the world. 


Looking at the records list of the world's giraffes without spots, the last spotless giraffe in the record was found in Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, dating back to the year 1972 and was named Toshiko.


Stephanie Fennessy, who is the managing director of the giraffe-rearing foundation, also shared her surprise and excitement about the birth of the unusual skin of the giraffe. She went on to explain that the zoo had never seen such a peculiar giraffe in the whole of African Wild.


The founder and CEO of the zoo, Tony Bright, is excited about the new development of the zoo. He said that the popularity of the special-skinned giraffe has helped increase awareness about giraffes and the animal world in general. 


He said in a statement from an interview, "The International recognition of our solid color and patternless baby giraffe skin has created a spotlight for more conversation on giraffes and animals as a whole."


The female baby giraffe is almost 2m tall already and is graciously growing under the care of the zoo staff and her mother.


In between the excitement and national recognition that the unique giraffe has brought to the zoo, staff members and managers are unsure of what the name to give the newborn giraffe is as they seek public opinion in choosing a name for it.

The spotless baby giraffe pictured in the Zoo
More of the spotless baby giraffe | Brights Zoo

There are several suggestions for the name of the giraffe. Some people think Kipekee - Swahili for "unique" - is the best name, while others prefer Firayali, which means "unusual". Shakira, meaning "most beautiful", is another popular choice, and some believe Jamella - meaning "great beauty" - would be the perfect name for the baby giraffe. 


The zoo management is holding a naming contest for the giraffe. Anyone who is interested in naming the giraffe can leave a comment on the  Facebook handle of the zoo.


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Fun facts About Giraffes That You Never Knew 

According to Do Something, giraffes' necks can nearly reach the ground, which causes them to kneel or spread their legs before their head can reach the ground in cases when it has to eat or drink water, which is very awkward and surprising compared to how long its neck is rated. 


The giraffe's skin is the thickest out of all animal skins, which is caused by the high pressure of blood that is maintained beneath their skin, causing the skin to grow thick. 


Giraffes only sleep for 15 to 30 min each day, which are in the form of quick naps that only last one or two minutes.