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Why is Everyone Worried About Tom Holland After Seeing the Trailer of this Movie?

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Zendaya gets kissed by two boys in the Challengers official trailer
Tom Holland won't like this scene in the Challengers |

The trailer for Zendaya‘s new movie Challengers just dropped, and it's quite a lot. 


The movie portrays Zendaya as an epic pro-tennis player by the name of Tashi Duncan, fielding a love triangle as well, who had a threesome with two other male tennis players at the ridge of her fame as a player before her career was destroyed by an insidious accident. 


The trailer was fairly steamy but a little scary, and fans have been worried about Tom Holland amongst all this hype.


Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland and Zendaya and has been in a relationship for some while now, and the two are often considered the cutest couple in Hollywood. Fans have become used to the two being so happy together to the extent that seeing Zendaya with not one but two guys in a movie has sent many into a ruckus. 


Since the release of the new trailer, Twitter has been crowded with multiple comments on the matter, with many envisaging how Holland must be feeling at the moment. Some thought that the actor might be feeling a little worse for wear.


Many others also dig up Zendaya’s other on-screen romance with Timothée Chalamet as the possible real-life contender to Holland.


Luca Guadagnino, director of the movie Context, sees the complex relationship between three tennis players, Tashi Duncan, Art (Mike Faist), and Patrick (Josh O’Connor). The men both compete for Tashi’s affection and eventually end up in a threesome with her, and, following up the trailer, Patrick ends up in a relationship with her (Tashi).


Tom Holland gazes lovingly at Zendaya as they pose for a photo
Tom Holland and Zendaya (Shutterstock)


However, this all changes when Tashi becomes badly injured and was knocked out of the sport due to severe injuries. A few years down the line, we see her (Tashi) instead married to Art and acting as his coach.


Nemesis has a way of catching up with its victim, though, as Tashi signs up her husband for a Challenger event where he will face off and compete against Patrick, her ex-boyfriend. The movie is a juicy one, and given the visuals coupled with the fact the trailer is all done to the song “S & M” by Rihanna, we’re sure getting some fairly erotic and scary overtones.

The Drama is Unnecessary

Many have been Pointing out that bringing up her boyfriend, who has nothing to do with this project, just because she is seen with other men is so unnecessary.


It is also a little pessimistic that when an actress is in a movie that contains some erotic scenes, the first thing people comment on is how her boyfriend must be taking the situation. In addition to the context, Tom Holland and Zendaya are both actors, so we are sure he understands and supports the whole thing.


Challengers will be a great movie and will be in theaters on Sep. 15. So we can all go catch it when it arrives.