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Will Smith Storms Back Following Massive Victory Debut of 'Bad Boys

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Hollywood actor Will Smith
Will Smith | Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro / Shutterstock.com

Bad Boys: Ride or Die injected much-needed energy into the struggling summer box office, raking in an impressive $56 million in the US and $104.6 million worldwide during its opening weekend.

This success sets the stage for a promising run at the box office for Bad Boys 4.

Not only is the movie helping Will Smith rebound after the Oscars incident, but it's also earning rave reviews from critics and delighting audiences, especially younger viewers.

With such strong support from both domestic and international audiences, the release of Bad Boys 4 could pave the way for a successful franchise.

"Ride or Die" surprised everyone by exceeding expectations at the box office. Initially projected to earn between $48 million and $50 million, the film actually raked in $56 million, securing a significant victory for the Bad Boys 4 franchise.

This opening weekend success ranks as the second biggest of the summer, trailing only behind the movie "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes."

The film performed exceptionally well in international markets, raking in $48.6 million across 60 different locations, a substantial sum!

Specifically, it amassed $19.3 million in Europe alone. Furthermore, in Latin America and the Middle East, it set new records for the release date of "Bad Boys 4". It's clear that audiences worldwide are truly enjoying this movie!


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When "Bad Boys for Life" hit theaters in January 2020, it raked in an impressive $62 million, solidifying its status as a box office hit.

Given that the "Bad Boys" film series is produced by the renowned Hollywood heavyweight Jerry Bruckheimer, the success of "Bad Boys 4" comes as no surprise!


Smith and Lawrence are back as Miami cops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, who must run away after their former police captain is linked to drug cartels.

They try to clear his name. The film, directed by Adil & Bilall and written by Chris Bremner and Will Beall, is called Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

This movie is Smith's big return to theaters since his incident with Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.

The Hollywood Reporter says Smith's agents are calling studios about his next project, hoping to announce it soon after Bad Boys 4 box office results.

Tom Rothman, the CEO of Sony Pictures Motion Group, had a fantastic weekend at the box office.

The Garfield Movie, produced by his studio, performed incredibly well, securing the second spot with earnings of $10 million domestically and $15.3 million overseas, reaching a total of nearly $200 million globally.

In the meantime, the release date for Bad Boys 4 is highly anticipated.

John Krasinski and Paramount's IF continued to impress, securing the third position with $8 million domestically and $6.2 million overseas, totaling $160.7 million worldwide.

On the horizon, fans are buzzing about Bad Boys 4 box office numbers.